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Friday, January 2, 2009

Get Available Beauty in The Balinese Island



             Bali-Indonesia was a perfect place to go on holiday. Bali provided the attraction of tourists, the beautiful panorama, the place of the flower garden, unique culture, the Balinese Community that was religious, tourists's facilities that made Balinese Populer all over the corner of the world. Bali offered many choices to go round or the adventure and tamasya., in Bali was provided many tourist attractions one of them that are:

- Pura Besakih

- The Garden Ayun Tour

- The Garden National Bali Barat

- The Kintamani Mountain Tour

- Subak & Tanah Lot Tour

- Tanah Lot Tour

- Go to Ubud village

- Tour to Uluwatu temple, etc.

                 For you who were busy in the office and city noise you could visit at the Balinese island that was beautiful available his 2 in this world.


                The Sangeh national recreation park was located in the Sangeh Village, Badung, Bali, around 20km from Denpasar.
The Sangeh national recreation park had the attraction of the forest tour that often was occupied by hundreds of monkeys. Sangeh monkeys beforehand indeed were known to be very wild and often disturbed the visitors. The Sangeh monkey was also known to be very ignorant, because often took thing by visitor that will be returned when these monkeys were given a food. However now the Sangeh monkey no longer is as wild and is as ignorant beforehand, because now these monkeys are arranged well.
                 The Sangeh monkey also had several their respective groups the group had one leader. However these groups have the management highest or could be considered to be the king from all over the king of the available monkey in Sangeh. The Chief was tallest this remained silent in their places that was widest in. palce the king of this monkey was kept being met a very famous                    Temple Keep secret him that is the Bulit Sari Temple.
Most national park regions, became the settling place of the monkey, only a small part that was made use of by the businessmen to make several place kiosks sold multitudinous cinderamata.
if we could visit this tour garden, we will definitely be attracted by beauty of the nutmeg tree that grew this forest, because apart from the straight growth, the nutmeg tree also had very good wood. However strangely, according to several sources of the Sangeh nutmeg tree it seems could not be planted other place. As far as people who wanted to have wood of the Nutmeg tree never sailent.

3.The coast Dreamland

                  Go to the coast is very interesting, is’nt it ? Wanted know the most beautiful coast in Bali apart from the Kuta coast? His answer of course the Dreamland coast in the Pecatu region uluwatu.
This coast was so beautiful and was not as solid as the Kuta coast his visitor. Certainly with this situation you will be pleasanter and could enjoy the atmosphere of the coast that was known as the place surfing this
               With the trip approximately 30 minutes from Kuta headed the Jimbaran direction afterwards Pecatu, you will arrive in here.
The coastal region dreamland at this time was developed as the tour region Balinese Pecatu Resorts complete with the golf-course 18 hole, international schools, the international hospital, shopping mall and other tour means.
Certainly not again old this region will become the tour region that exclusive and dimanage with more better .and this the coast dreamland Bali:

4. Ubud

                    Ubud, that was located in the Gianyar regency, offered the art tour and the culture for his visitor. Since the tour in Bali booming, the Ubud region then grow up became centres for results of art diligence in Bali beginning with handicraft, gold diligence and silver, the painting and other art. The life of the local Balinese culture then still was maintained strong here.
Not surprised, in the Ubud region often was made the studying place of art for especially foreign tourists. They live in here and his days were filled in a studying manner the interaction with the local inhabitants.

               The village Mas, in the Ubud territory, was known as the centre of the producer handicraft that not his two. Almost all along the road and the house you will encounter craft typical Balinese art in the form of the gallery.

                    It is another matter with the Celuk village that was known as the gold craftsman and silver, also to become the place of the favourite to get handicraft. In the trip route or the tour, from Ubud your trip could be continued to visit in onother palces.

                The requirement for accommodation, Ubud offered many choices that offered the Private "escape the" atmosphere" far from the bustle with beautiful hilly scenery. Among them Pitamaha resorts, Maya Ubud, Four Seasons Sayan Resort and the hotel trapped international other.

5.The Coast Kute

                  Kuta was also famous with the place shopping or the place of the expenses that greated and the noisy nightlife bingar. The place where accommodation took the form of the hotel of the world class like Hard Rock Hotel up to the cheap hotel the opinion like the Raya martyr the Hotel. The two hotels faced directly the Kuta Coast.
In line with these hotels above, around 100 metre from the end of the main road was gotten Kamasutra Bali, Restaurant Club & Lounge.
                This place was very famous especially for local good the permanent resident or tourists. His location was very strategic in front of the Kuta coast and his atmosphere also was organised apik. For you who wanted to eat in the afternoon or Kuta was also famous with the place shopping or the place of the expenses that greated and the noisy nightlife bingar. The place where accommodation took the form of the hotel of the world class like Hard Rock Hotel up to the cheap hotel the opinion like the Raya martyr the Hotel. The two hotels faced directly the Kuta Coast.


                Bedugul Bali, was one of the choice tourist attractions in Bali also. This tourist attraction was located in the Tabanan regency and famous would the lake and his restaurant.
With the Temperature of air in Bedugul far more colder was compared the other tourist attraction in Bali, with the temperature approximately 18 drajat celcius, certainly gave the special atmosphere for the holiday in Bali. This Balinese tourist attraction was similar that was offered in Kintamani.
             Bedugul famous would beauty of the Tamblingan lake and you could also enjoy his beauty with leased speedboat or the boat to go round the lake. This tourist attraction also was the stopover to visit the other tourist attraction like the Lot Land, Sangeh, Taman Ayun and the other tourist attraction.